The Best Kayaks I’ve Found

There’s no better way to explore the outdoors than adventuring down a lake in a trustworthy kayak. Depending on your needs, your ideal kayak will have different features. Your concern may be how many people you can fit in your kayak or whether or not you can use your kayak to sail simultaneously. Beginning kayakers may need a kayak with extra stability. If you are traveling far, your kayak will preferably have carrying handles or features that allow for easy transportation. The following is a list of some of the best kayaks I’ve found thus far.


  • Lifetime 10-Foot Manta Tandem Kayak


This kayak is perfect if you are trying to fit three or more riders in one kayak. It features various in-built features that allow it to be also used for sailing and surfing as well. Furthermore, this kayak is constructed using durable polyethylene material that makes it easy to transport and store. On the note of transportation, this unit is made to be easily transported when travelling in an SUV or truck. Even for beginners this kayak is the perfect solution as it comes with a special tunnel hull that provides extra stability and will also keep your seat dry when you’re on the water. If that weren’t enough to sell you, this kayak comes with several built-in features such as the special paddle cradle and mast receiver that allows for perfect sailing.


  • Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak


Old Town Canoes & Kayaks is versatile and great for any angler or recreational paddler. Due to this compact units volume capacity, it is a relatively stable option for beginners. Additionally, this kayak comes with a generous-sized cockpit that allows for comfortable flexibility when you’re seated, meaning you can paddle long distances without feeling cramped up. The stern day well that comes with this unit is ideal for holding on to any additional gear you may have. As far as transportation goes, this kayak features carrying handles, making transportation slightly easier.


  • Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Kayak


As its name suggests, this kayak is for the more advanced user who wants to have fun in the water. It is made with superior quality in-built aluminum ribs that make up the bow and stern tracking. Furthermore, this kayak is made with three layers of materials that make it extremely durable and resistant to any damage or puncture wounds. This Advanced Elements kayak comes with a welded seams tracking fin that makes it easy to navigate while on the water. This kayak features high-support and adjustable padded seats that will guarantee your comfort during hours of paddling. In addition to being well-built, this kayak is also easy and convenient to set up. Overall, this kayak is a winner. Its rigid shell makes it strong and durable, yet it still has the portability of an inflatable unit. With this kayak, you can expect to paddle for hours in comfort and ease.


  • Lifetime 10 Foot Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak


What makes Lifetime’s 10-foot Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak a great buy, aside from its ability to hold more than three people, is its superior level of stability that allows for standing or sitting when paddling. Furthermore, this kayak features paddle clips which allow you to secure your paddles when not in use. This unit is also make with durable polyethene which is known for making kayaks easy to transport and store. With this kayak you are getting a unit that has excellent, versatile functionality as well as superior stability.


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